Make a difference

Working with Lane Cove Council can give you a sense of satisfaction that is often missing in other jobs. You get to see how your work directly benefits the community and the local environment. With such a range of duties in each and every role you will not only find your job interesting but you will easily build on your skillset each and every day. In working for Lane Cove Council you
  • provide services, facilities and support to others
  • protect the community by ensuring the environment is safe and clean
  • prevent harm to the community; such as disease, noise and pollution
  • plan for the community's future
  • represent the people of the community 


Lane Cove Council has four Divisions:
  1. Human Services Division provides Community, Library, Childcare Services as well as looking after the many Council Facilities, not to mention Community Liaison and events, and is the largest Division in Council.
  2. Open Space and Urban Services Division  looks after Traffic & Transport, Bushland, Parks and Open Spaces, Civic Services and Council Assets
  3. Environmental Services Division  looks after Development Assessments, Sustainability and Waste, Environmental Health, Strategic Land Use Planning and Customer Services.
  4. Corporate Services Division  looks after the organisation via sections such as Finance, IT, Human Resources, Risk & Workplace Safety and Governance.
Lane Cove Council’s Guiding Principles
Community - To develop a strong inclusive community that promotes access, equity and participation in decision making, working towards a better Lane Cove for everyone.
Creativity - To nurture diverse creative expression in the community and foster innovation, to meet the needs of Lane Cove.
Sustainability-To ensure that all decisions consider a balance of economic,  environmental, cultural and social elements to enhance the quality of life in  Lane Cove.
Best Value - To balance the provision of quality services to the community of Lane Cove
 with cost and to always seek continuous improvements to the services provided.
Lane Cove Council’s Values
Customer Focus - We listen to the needs and wants of our customers and provide exceptional customer service
Integrity - We are fair and consistent in our actions and we act ethically, honestly, responsibly and respectfully
Consultation - We seek to understand before acting and are sensitive to residents needs and situations
Equity - We deal equally and honestly with customers and each other
Leadership - We focus attention on what is really important, lead by setting a good example and seek to improve outcomes, processes and relationships.